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This case study article is about Kristin Hanes, the publisher at The Wayward Home, who grew her website to make up to $28,000 per month during peak season but experienced a decrease in revenue due to a Google update, showing the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and the need to adapt and persevere.

$20K Monthly Revenue
$500 Startup Costs
Read by 558 founders

This case study follows Doug Cunnington, founder of Niche Site Project, as he builds a successful media company consisting of niche websites, podcasts, and YouTube channels, earning a steady low six-figure revenue and attracting millions of downloads, making it a valuable resource for aspiring founders looking to build or grow their own business.

$1K Startup Costs
Read by 362 founders

This case study follows the journey of Agness and Cez, founders of Etramping, as they started a personal travel site in 2011 and grew it into a thriving business, sharing budget travel hacks, unique itineraries, helpful tips, and buying guides, attracting half a million page views in a month and earning up to $2,000 in monthly ad revenue through Mediavine and affiliate marketing.

$1K Monthly Revenue
Read by 487 founders

This case study article is about Maya Krampf, the founder of Wholesome Yum, who started a healthy recipe website that now reaches millions of readers every month and has launched a successful line of natural zero sugar ingredients and food products.

Read by 427 founders

This case study article showcases how the founder of Lookup, an online business directory in Singapore, utilized Programmatic SEO (PSEO) strategies to quickly achieve impressive results, ranking on page 2 of Google within 2 days of launching the domain.

$480 Startup Costs
Read by 401 founders

"TubeSpotter: A blog highlighting successful content creators on YouTube and TikTok, providing aspiring founders with information and inspiration to start their own channels, with a goal to become a leading platform for content creators worldwide."

$100 Startup Costs
Read by 406 founders

This case study article follows Peter, a UX enthusiast and founder of Built for Mars, a UX blog with 600,000 annual readers that monetizes by selling UX audits to businesses like Notion, Klarna, and Stripe, showing how his content has become a successful growth engine for his consulting and shares valuable insights for aspiring founders.

$50 Startup Costs
Read by 1,856 founders

"Read about Rishit Patel's journey in building and the World of AI newsletter, which now generates a combined monthly income of around $6000 and attracts an average of 150K pageviews per month."

$6K Monthly Revenue
$100 Startup Costs
Read by 913 founders

This case study article follows the journey of Man of Many, one of the world's largest men's lifestyle sites, which has grown from a part-time hobby to a leading media brand with over 2 million monthly readers and $4M in annual revenue through a dedicated content strategy and organic growth.

$400K Monthly Revenue
$20K Startup Costs
Read by 2,545 founders

Founder Alexandra Ng built Life Boost Nutrition, a digital platform offering health supplement reviews and guidance on physical and mental health, with a team of freelance writers, focusing on SEO to attract traffic and advertisers, resulting in a profitable business with a consistently growing reader base, plans for expansion, and positive feedback from readers.

$1K Monthly Revenue
$3K Startup Costs
Read by 648 founders

This case study explores how the founder of These 16 Things built a website and newsletter focused on teaching kids life skills, starting with 0 subscribers and growing to about 400, by leveraging podcast guest appearances and targeting parents interested in homeschooling and other related topics.

$2K Startup Costs
Read by 379 founders

Founder Manthan Gajjar built his photography blogging platform, pewdoc, as a side hustle project and now generates $1.2K per month by publishing trending photography content for newbies. He shares his process of building a blog on a low budget, gaining traffic through consistency and SEO knowledge, and using social media advertising to attract customers and retain readers through newsletters.

$1.2K Monthly Revenue
Read by 1,456 founders