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GloFX sold millions of pairs of "raver glasses" and expanded into various markets including arts and science museums, educational institutions, and EDM subculture fashion. One of the fastest-growing companies in America, and generates $400K in revenue per month.

$400K Monthly Revenue
Read by 28,913 founders

Brine Brothers sells all-natural pickle brine (pickle juice), generating over $10,000/month and winning an investment from Barstool and Jon Taffer, and is determined to become a million-dollar beverage company.

$10K Monthly Revenue
Read by 13,221 founders

In this interview Kyle shares:

  • Started: How he raised $108K on Kickstarter
  • Launched: His strategy to generate $300k in Amazon sales within 18 months
  • Grew: How to balance a full-time job, getting an MBA and building a $100K/year business

Normal sweatpants overalls did not exist online after a quick Google search, nor in any stores that I visited. So I made them.

$100K Monthly Revenue
Read by 26,781 founders

Framed Tweets, an online store that offers customers the opportunity to frame tweets as art, started by grossing $20k in its first year and increasing to $110k in the second year, and now has monthly gross sales of $20k from Instagram ads, spending about $300 a day.

$9.5K Monthly Revenue
$999 Startup Costs
Read by 38,807 founders

Learn how two friends bootstrapped a SaaS business to $55k monthly recurring revenue (MRR) by creating a simple graphic design tool for non-designers and focusing on content marketing for customer acquisition.

$83.5K Monthly Revenue
Read by 18,800 founders

Woodies, a wood sunglasses brand founded by Cory Stout, reached over $3.5M in revenue in 2018, despite starting with only $15K from a failed business and has succeeded through Amazon sales, spending $50K monthly on PPC and keeping ACOS at 30%.

$190K Monthly Revenue
$5K Startup Costs
Read by 19,405 founders

Breathe Healthy, a wearable respiratory protection business, has surpassed 1 million in sales as of 2017, continues to grow, and has disrupted the "traditional" paper/disposable mask market with a unique, comfortable product, achieving 80% gross margin by focusing on small markets and onboarding with online retail partners.

$90K Monthly Revenue
Read by 8,931 founders

Plain Jane, an online CBD company founded by two college roommates, offers unique products and has generated over $20K a month in sales within five months, attracting and retaining customers through social media, authentic stories, and content.

$275K Monthly Revenue
Read by 15,500 founders

Sheets & Giggles, an eco-friendly bedding brand, earned nearly $500,000 and 6,000 orders in the first 6 months of business through Indiegogo, and utilizes pun-based marketing and a DTC model to tap into a fragmented, low brand loyalty market.

$200K Monthly Revenue
Read by 52,404 founders

QALO co-founders transformed the jewelry industry with their innovative focus on product evolution, resulting in over 2 million community members and more than $100M in revenue since 2013.

$2M Monthly Revenue
Read by 26,441 founders

Photobooth Supply Co. offers a profitable business opportunity through their sleek and portable photo booths, with up to 97% satisfaction rate and a focus on customer experience, in a fast-growing event industry where photo booths are exploding.

$500K Monthly Revenue
Read by 14,113 founders

BruMate is a successful insulated drinkware brand focused on the adult beverage community, with a flagship product that generated $2.1M in sales in 2017 and is now doing over $1.1M per month in sales, with plans to do $20M this year.

$12M Monthly Revenue
Read by 87,536 founders